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Open Meetings

The Maricopa Association of Governments’ official bulletin board for posting notices is located on the third floor of the MAG offices, 302 N. 1st Ave., Phoenix, Arizona, near the reception desk.  Please be advised that only MAG's official bulletin board may be relied on for official posting under the Open Meeting Law.

This electronic information available on the website is provided as a public service and is updated daily, Monday-Friday. To view the meeting notice, click on the link to the meeting of interest in the calendar above.

Environmental Justice and Title VI
Notice to the Public


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Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) is a Council of Governments (COG) that serves as the regional agency for the metropolitan Phoenix area.
When MAG was formed in 1967, the elected officials recognized the need for long-range planning and policy development on a regional scale. They realized that many issues such as transportation, air quality and human services affected residents beyond the borders of their individual jurisdictions.

MAG was founded in the spirit of cooperation. MAG members believe that by uniting, they can solve common problems, take an active role in long-range regional issues and address concerns that affect all of the communities.

MAG is the regional air quality planning agency and metropolitan planning organization for transportation for all jurisdictions in Maricopa County, including the Phoenix urbanized area and the contiguous urbanized area in Pinal County, including the Town of Florence and City of Maricopa. MAG has also been designated by the Governor to serve as the principal planning agency for the region in a number of other areas, including water quality and solid waste management. In addition, through an Executive Order from the Governor, MAG develops population estimates and projections for the region.

Expanding the Border Zone in Arizona

Click Here to View Expanding the Border Zone in ArizonaEvery year, thousands of frequent, low-risk visitors travel from Mexico into Arizona utilizing a border crossing card, conducting business, visiting with family and friends, or shopping. The cards are considered one of the most secure border travel documents. Visitors traveling with border crossing cards put tens of millions of dollars into the Arizona economy annually. Expanding the border zone requires an administrative change through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Join the Maricopa Association of Governments and its partners in an “action team” to provide input into and support the border zone extension requests. Click here to view our video presentation on Expanding the Border Zone in Arizona.

Draft 2014 Annual Report on the Status of the Implementation of Proposition 400Final 2014 Annual Report on the Status of the Implementation of Proposition 400

The 2014 Annual Report on the Status of the Implementation of Proposition 400 has been prepared by the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) in response to Arizona Revised Statue (ARS) 28-6354. ARS 28-6354 requires thatMAG annually issue a report on the status of projects funded through Proposition 400, addressing project construction status, project financing, changes to the MAG Regional Transportation Plan, and criteria used to develop priorities.

Web Cards Help Track Progress of Projects

MAG, in conjunction with the Arizona Department of Transportation, has developed a new user-friendly way for members of the public to track projects that are being implemented as part of the Regional Transportation Plan funded by Proposition 400. A web-based, one-page card has been developed for each freeway project. Each card provides information such as a description of the project, its benefits, and a timeline. The first set of project cards are available on the MAG website at

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News Highlights

December 3, 2014 Regional Council Activity Report

PHOENIX (December 3, 2014) — Summary of the actions taken during the December 3, 2014 Regional Council meeting, and information about upcoming events.


Activities of the MAG Economic Development Committee, December 2, 2014 Meeting

PHOENIX (December 2, 2014) – An Update on the Activities of the MAG Economic Development Committee, December 2, 2014 Meeting.


Maricopa Association of Governments and Age-Friendly Network Honored

PHOENIX (November 24, 2014) — Successful efforts to capitalize on the experience of older adults while providing them meaningful opportunities to contribute to their community is just one of the reasons Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust has recognized MAG and the Arizona Age-Friendly Network.


Mexico State Congress Recognizes MAG for Binational Collaboration

PHOENIX (November 13, 2014) — The State Congress of Sonora, Mexico, has formally recognized the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) for its efforts to further trade relationships with the state of Sonora. The recognition came during a visit by a MAG delegation to Hermosillo last week.