Mayor Sharon Wolcott

City of Surprise

Mayor Sharon WolcottMayor Sharon Wolcott was elected November 2011 on a platform calling for creating more jobs, providing new education options and addressing traffic congestion in Surprise. But priority one was to straighten out the financial mess that had built up over a decade, and to bring about fiscal accountability and transparency at City Hall. The city balanced its budget and restored its reserve in just one year. That good news was followed by the rating agencies restoring their faith in Surprise bonds. Under her leadership, the city council has also restored and enhanced its economic development team, and along with it the prospects for new business development in the City. 300 new businesses and 1,000 new jobs is just the beginning for Surprise’s next chapter.

Mayor Wolcott’s hands-on style of leadership is expected to help drive solutions to some of our community's most pressing and important challenges and opportunities. She breathed new life into a plan to address one of the worst performing intersections in Arizona, and has set her sights on connecting Surprise to the regional transit grid.

Sharon discovered Surprise in 2003. Her first opportunity to serve here came in 2008, when she was appointed to the Surprise Transportation Commission, serving as Vice-Chair. She was elected to the Surprise City Council in 2009.
Before coming to our community, Sharon previously served on the city council in Newport, MN and as a state legislator in both the Minnesota House and Senate.