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Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG)

Counties within boundary: Maricopa
Number of local jurisdictions served: 31
Chair: Mayor Greg Stanton, City of Phoenix

The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) is a Council of Governments that serves as the regional agency for the metropolitan Phoenix area. MAG provides a regional forum for analysis, discussion and resolution of issues including areas of transportation, air quality, environment, regional development and social services.

MAG provides regional planning and policy decisions in areas of transportation, air quality, water quality, regional development, and human services. When MAG was formed in 1967, local elected officials recognized the need for long range planning and policy development on a regional scale. They realized that many issues such as transportation and air quality affected residents beyond the borders of their individual jurisdictions. MAG was founded in the spirit of cooperation, and members believe that the many diverse cities, towns and Indian Communities in the MAG region can do more than coexist. By uniting, they can solve common problems, take an active role in long range regional issues and forcefully address concerns that affect all of the communities.

Contact Information
302 North 1st Avenue, Suite 300, Phoenix, Arizona 85003
(602) 254-6300, FAX (602) 254-6490
Executive Director: Dennis Smith

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