The Intermountain MPOs - About Us

The Intermountain MPOs is an alliance of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) serving as Transportation Management Areas (TMAs) to facilitate stronger communication and interaction in the Intermountain region - Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, and Utah - to empower regional leaders’ strategic efforts in addressing interregional transportation and infrastructure issues at the federal level. To contact any of the Intermountain MPOs, click here...

In a July 2008 report, Mountain Megas: America’s Newest Metropolitan Places and a Federal Partnership to Help Them Prosper, the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program noted that “states in the southern Intermountain West are experiencing some of the fastest population growth and economic and demographic transition anywhere in the country” and “is earning itself the title of the New American Heartland as its economy, people, and politics become more central to the nation.”

The Brookings’ report concludes that “the massive, ongoing change that has been convulsing the Intermountain West shows no sign of ceasing,” despite the current economic and migration slowdown, and highlights the following:

The Intermountain West—dominated by its five vast “megapolitan” areas—has emerged as America’s fastest changing, most surprisingly urban region.
In this respect, the Mountain West’s current development, economic, and social trends describe a region in the midst of massive transformation. The region is neither the Old West, nor the New West. It is the New New West, continuously unfolding:

Emergence of Megaregions
The Regional Plan Association ( identified the growing importance of megaregions in its 2008 report, America 2050 - An Infrastructure Vision for 21st Century America. According to the report, “Megaregions are America’s gateways to the global economy where global ports, airports, communication centers, financial and marketing centers converge, noting that they can play an important role in identifying the components of a national infrastructure investment plan.”

In the future, organizations such as the Intermountain MPOs will begin to play an important regional and national role to address infrastructure systems requiring federal assistance and coordination that cross multiple city, region, and state boundaries such as:

Link: America 2050: Megaregions