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The Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee is composed of representatives of MAG member agencies, as well as the development, architecture, landscape architecture communities, Valley Metro and the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists. The committee annually recommends projects for funding under the Design Assistance Program. The committee also encourages the implementation of these plans by recommending pedestrian and bicycle-related projects for funding from federal and other sources as well as activities to inform the region about the benefits of biking and walking.

FY 2018 MAG Design Assistance Applications and Scoring Sheet

Design Assistance Scoring Sheet

Application Materials for FY 2018 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans and First Time Updates On-Call

If you have any questions, or require any additional information, please contact Jason Stephens at the MAG office at 602-452-5004  or by e-mail at this link.

MAG Bicycles Count Project

In 2013, MAG hired ChenRyan Associates to conduct a region-wide bicycle count. The consultant worked with MAG member agencies to select a count methodology and determine which sites would be counted. The counts were conducted in October and November of 2013.  44 sites were counted using pneumatic tube technology, allowing continuous 24-hour counts over two week periods. 84 sites were counted manually, using consultant staff to perform counts during weekday afternoon peak travel periods (4pm-6pm) and weekend morning peak travel periods (10am-12pm). The MAG Bicycles Count Final Report and the Bicycle Count Data Summary Presentation are provided below.

MAG Regional Bikeways Print Map

MAG, in coordination with its member agencies, publishes a printed bike map every three to five years. The current edition is the 2015 MAG Bikeways Map, available in printed form for free from MAG (call 602-254-6300), local agencies, and many local bike shops. The map is also available in PDF version below:

NOTE: Because this is a large file, and as an additional security measure, right click and choose "Save Target As..." to save the file to your disk.

MAG Regional Bikeways Online Map

Additionally, MAG provides an online version of the bikeways map, which is compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The online map is updated by MAG more frequently than the printed map, showing new bikeways constructed since the printed map was published, and will soon be adding video and photo components.

Additional Videos and Resources

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Meetings, Agendas and Minutes
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Committee Contacts

Jim Hash
City of Mesa

Vice Chair:
Jose Macias
City of El Mirage

Transportation Planner III:
Jason Stephens