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Most Valley residents believe the quality of life in the region is increasing. They highly value the region’s low cost of living and safe neighborhoods.

Survey Finds Support for Transportation Investment
MAG explores what matters most to Valley residents

Photo above: Members of the MAG Transportation Policy Committee participate in a “values mapping” exercise to kick off the effort.  

Most Valley residents believe the quality of life in the region is increasing. They highly value the region’s low cost of living and safe neighborhoods. In transportation, they appreciate the freeway system, great connectivity, and the variety of options. Those are just a few findings from MAG research to determine transportation values and priorities in the Maricopa region.

Mayor Mark Mitchell“Understanding public values and the transportation priorities of residents will support and guide our next regional transportation plan,” said MAG Chair Mark Mitchell, mayor of Tempe.

“Unlike previous plans, this plan will need to be adaptable in an ever-changing world. There is no person in the world to whom transportation isn’t important, whether it means getting them where they want to go or receiving the goods necessary to survive. It’s critical that we get it right.”

The “values mapping” effort includes input from over 10,000 people in the Maricopa region. It encompassed feedback from stakeholders, focus groups, and online surveys.

Here are just a few key findings from the survey, with key themes in bold text:

  • Having a vision for transportation in this region is very important. There is strong support for the work our region has been and is doing.
  • People in the region like how the transportation system was built. They love their communities and value that transportation investments have been made to connect them to where they need and want to go, providing choice, mobility, and connectivity.
  • Constituents support shifting to a long-range program that provides flexibility to modify priorities based on changing circumstances and technologies.
  • There is tremendous support for increased funding for transportation in this region—a distinctly higher amount of support than in other parts of the country. 

Mayor Jerry Weiers“This research shows the value of visionary planning. It confirms that residents understand the importance of investing in our freeways and they recognize the need for continued investment in transportation,” said Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers, chair of the MAG Transportation Policy Committee. “It’s our job to put forth a plan that matches the values of our region and delivers a strategy that best aligns with the needs and desires of the public.” 

Published July 29, 2019

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