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The Maricopa Association of Governments also has had to adapt in many ways, including how the agency conducts its public meetings and public outreach efforts.

How to Be Heard at MAG During COVID-19


Sitting in the office with the sound of keyboards clicking, phones ringing and co-workers chatting is something most of us aren’t experiencing these days. Instead, we’ve adapted to a new work environment at home. We’ve set up offices in our kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, or even patios—anywhere that helps us to get our work done.

The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) also has had to adapt in many ways, including how the agency conducts its public meetings and public outreach efforts. 

In March, MAG stopped holding in-person public meetings due to COVID-19 and moved them to a live virtual platform. Members of the public can now view these meetings live on one of the newly created MAG YouTube channels. The YouTube channel link for each public meeting is published in the meeting’s agenda, which can be accessed through the home page calendar on Or, you can simply find the committee page of interest and click “watch online.”

Since the public does not have the ability to provide comment during these live virtual public meetings, you can submit questions or comments in advance. Here’s how:

  • Access the online comment form at
  • Select the meeting for which your comment is intended.
  • Type in your comment.
  • Submit the comment any time up to one hour prior to any public meeting. Comments will be forwarded to the committee chair.
  • You also can email questions or comments to, again up to one hour prior to a specified public meeting. 
  • Comments provided after the meeting will be routed to appropriate MAG staff for review.

Other public outreach efforts have gone virtual as well. In August, MAG is launching a Virtual Public Open House for the Laveen South Mountain Transportation Study. At this Open House, online visitors can enter a virtual meeting room where they sign in at a virtual desk, walk around the room and view different maps and information boards. They also can watch presentations and provide feedback through an online comment system linked to the maps and exhibits. Unlike a traditional public meeting that typically lasts a single evening, the Laveen Open House will begin on Aug. 13 and continue until Aug. 27. To learn more about the Laveen South Mountain Transportation Study or see the results of the meeting, please visit the project website at:

While the MAG staff isn’t physically in the downtown Phoenix office, the agency is working and fully accessible during COVID-19. If you know the name of the staff member you wish to reach, you can call 602-254-6300 and use the automated directory to leave a message. During business hours, you can call 602-828-2494 to reach the receptionist. 

Published July 31, 2020

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