Regional Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study


      Photo courtesy: AECOM

The Regional Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Feasibility Study is exploring the interest in and feasibility of implementing BRT in the MAG Region. Working in partnership with member agencies, the study will also recommend a preliminary set of locations where a regional BRT network could connect to planned City of Phoenix BRT investments.

The City of Phoenix is concurrently conducting a study targeting BRT implementation in one to three corridors. While the City of Phoenix BRT study will include recommendations for the location and design of specific BRT corridors, this regional study is exploring the possibility of BRT implementation in the communities surrounding Phoenix.

As the City of Phoenix evaluates the merits of investing in BRT, MAG recognizes the opportunity for the Region to capitalize on this investment by connecting to future system enhancements.

The results of the regional study will serve as a springboard for member agencies to host their own discussions about the potential for implementing BRT. This study and the associated outreach process will give communities a head start in future implementation through an enhanced understanding of BRT opportunities, challenges, and feasibility.

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