Intermountain MPOs

The Intermountain MPOs is an alliance of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) that serve as Transportation Management Areas (TMAs). The goal is to facilitate stronger communication and interaction in the Intermountain region - Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, and Utah. This collaboration empowers regional leaders’ strategic efforts in addressing interregional transportation and infrastructure issues at the federal level.

The Intermountain West—dominated by its five vast “megapolitan” areas—has emerged as America’s fastest changing, most surprisingly urban region. In this respect, the Mountain West’s current development, economic, and social trends describe a region in the midst of massive transformation.

The Intermountain MPOs play an important regional and national role to address infrastructure systems requiring federal assistance and coordination that cross multiple city, region, and state boundaries such as:

High speed rail systems

Connecting cities within megaregions

Major seaports


Multistate interstate corridors

That require technology investments or strategic congestion relief

Freight rail and highways


State Policy Approaches to Promote Metropolitan Economic Stategy

A report that provides Governors and state policymakers with an overview of what can make regional metropolitan economies grow.

America 2050: Megaregions

In the 2008 report, America 2050 - An Infrastructure Vision for 21st Century America, the Regional Plan Association identified the growing importance of megaregions.

Mountain Megas

In report done by the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program, it was noted that the Intermountain West have been experiencing a rapid population growth.