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MAG produces numerous publications that have proved to be beneficial to local agencies and to business, industry and other private sector interests. Be sure to check specific project and committee pages for other resources and publications. Purchase Specifications and Details Publications here.

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Regional Transportation Plan

Other MAG Publications

  • Progress in Place: FY 2021 Annual Report

    The theme of this year’s MAG Annual Report signifies the region is progressing on its most important issues, despite the challenges of the pandemic. MAG’s work continues to have a direct impact every day, bringing greater quality of life to the people who call this place — our region — home.

  • MAG General Information Booklet

    An overview of Maricopa Association of Governments. The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) is a Council of Governments (COG) that serves as the regional planning and policy agency for the metropolitan Phoenix area.

  • MAG FY 2020 Annual Report

    The theme of this Annual Report is 2020 Vision: A Sharper View. The theme took on new relevance in light of the drastic changes that the COVID-19 outbreak brought into our lives in recent months. The pandemic forced us to narrow our focus to the highest priorities for our region.

  • MAG FY 2019 Annual Report

    Where Values Connect. The theme that drives this report also is one that drives MAG as an organization. Regionalism brings communities together. Our economies, transportation, environment, and human needs are connected—as are our futures.

  • MAG 2019 Plan de Participación del Público

    En MAG nos parece que la participación del público resulta clave para el proceso de la planificación. Necesitamos que la comunidad nos ayude a planificar los proyectos que proporcionan beneficios a la región y que cumplan con las necesidades tan amplias de los habitantes.

  • 2019 Bikeways Map

    A comprehensive map detailing all of the bike paths in Maricopa County.

  • MAG 2019 Public Participation Plan

    MAG believes that public participation is key to the planning process. We need the community’s help to plan projects that provide benefits to the region and meet the wide-ranging needs of residents.

  • MAG FY 2018 Annual Report

    Framing the Future. The theme of this year’s report is appropriate. Our planning efforts are “framing the future” as we begin setting the stage for the next round of transportation investments. To ensure progress and improvement of our transportation system, we will need new transportation funding.

  • Fifty Years of Serving the Region

    This documents the 50-year history of MAG.

  • MAG FY 2017 Annual Report

    The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) is a group of local governments working together on issues that touch the lives of every resident. We are a regional planning agency that develops solutions in areas such as transportation, air quality, economic development, and programs that meet the human needs of the region.

  • 2013 MAG Fiscal Balance Report

    The MAG Fiscal Balance Report and its associated fiscal model enable the user to estimate order-of-magnitude fiscal impacts of regional land use plans and projects. The purpose of this report is to provide background information on how different types of development impact communities from a fiscal perspective.

  • Desert Spaces

    The Desert Spaces Plan identifies and recommends conservation and management strategies for natural resources and open spaces critical to the quality of life in the Valley.

  • Regional Report

    A Resource for Policy Makers in the Maricopa Region.

  • North American Opportunities and the Sun Corridor

    The Sun Corridor exists within a broader, somewhat integrated and dynamic North American economic context. Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. are sovereign nations but share in many sectors an “economic space.”

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The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) is a Council of Governments (COG) that serves as the regional planning agency for the metropolitan Phoenix area.

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